Internationale Menschenrechtsorganisation rügt Graz für Bettelverbot


Die Präsidentin der Organisation PDHRE (People´s movement for human rights learning)*, Shulamith Koenig hat sich mit scharfer Kritik am Bettelverbot an den Bürgermeister der Stadt Graz gewendet. Das beschlossene Gesetz sei eine Verletzung der Menschenrechte und eine inakzeptable Entwicklung in einer Menschenrechtsstadt. Diese Betroffenheit und Besorgnis werde auch von anderen Menschenrechtsstädten geteilt. Der Bürgermeister der Stadt Graz müsse sich dafür einsetzen, dass das Gesetz zurückgenommen wird und niemand darunter leidet. Sollte das nicht gelingen, läuft Graz Gefahr seine Vorbildrolle als erste Menschenrechtsstadt Europas zu verlieren, die schon in einer beachtenswerten Erwähnung in der New York Times Niederschlag gefunden hätte.

Dear Mayor, dear Deputies of the Graz city Council,

I am happy to greet you remembering  with good feelings the opportunity to visit you and members of the Council  and having been invited to sign the book of honour of the City of Graz, the first human rights city in Europe. In the mean-time, Graz has gained an impressive reputation for pursuing the path towards creating a sustainable human rights city –which also received a notable mention in the NY Times.
Sad news  have reached us recently about new legislation of the land Styria planning to force out of the city of Graz all Roma people most of which are from Slovakia, those that are now asking for money in the streets of Graz . These people are driven by poverty and genuine human need, unable to find any other source of income for their mere survival.

It has been long accepted by the international community that poverty is a human rights violation and all must be done to enable people to overcome poverty.  Even though this new law foresees a possibility to allow these people to stay in places to be specified  by the city this solution is not acceptable by the mere fact that human rights is about human dignity and respect, equality and non-discrimination. It is their human rights to ask for money in the streets without being penalized in any shape or form.
Dear Mayor Nagel, as one who has devoted my life to have all know and own human rights as a way of life, let me express  deep concern and apprehension, joined by other human rights cities, about  this unacceptable development. Having been the one who has worked very closely with Professor Benedek to have Graz become a human rights city and chairing an organization, which has been instrumental in developing human rights cities worldwide,  I take the liberty to call on you to null and void this alarming human rights violation and immediately work towards cancelling this objectionable law.

Allow me to repeat: it is my firm conviction that a policy which does not stand for people to ask for money for their basic human needs, which they cannot cover otherwise,  is inhuman and against human rights. It is indeed undermining the spirit and vision of a human rights city. If Graz upholds that attitude it risks losing its role as an excellent global model for other cities, which it has been thus far with great pride.
I call on You, Dear Mayor and Deputies of the City Council, to guarantee that people depending on the little money they can get on the streets of Graz are not deprived of this meager income essential to the survival of their families’ humanity  and basic needs. Please promise us all that the law will be withdrawn or implemented in a way that nobody has to suffer from it.

I thank you for your kind attention and consideration as a Mayor of a human rights city.


Sincerely and with respect;          Shulamith Koenig

Shulamith Koenig – Recipient of the UN Human Rights Award


Presseaussendung der Grünen Graz vom 24.2.2011


*Die Organisation PDHRE war vor 10 Jahren maßgeblich daran beteiligt, dass Graz erste Menschenrechtsstadt Europas geworden ist.


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  1. badhofer Says:

    Im Land der Opferstöcke und Klingelbeutel dürfen Bettler nicht betteln!

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